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SQL Matters is a resource for SQL Server Developers, Architects, DBAs and others interested in SQL Server and related technologies . Our site contains a wide range of articles, tips, blogs, quiz questions and other information about the SQL Server range of products. This includes Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and some other products that we feel might be of interest to the SQL Server community such as PowerPivot and Report Builder.

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Featured Tip

Using SQL to convert row values to a single concatenated string

Most solutions to the problem of concatenating rows into a single string involve some sort of looping, usually using a cursor or while loop, or recursion using a Common Table Expression (CTE). This tip describes an alternative technique which uses an undocumented Microsoft feature to achieve concatenation.

Featured Script

Checking the status of SQL Server Agent jobs

As a DBA it’s important to quickly identify any issues with SQL Server Agent jobs. This article includes a number of scripts which make it easy to identify which jobs have failed and which are still running as well as generating a history of when each job ran.

Quick Quiz : DATALENGTH results

What is the result of the following SQL query ?
SET @MyStr = 'ABC'
Choose one : a) 3    b) 6    c) 50    d) 100